Up On the Roof
Season 8, episode 20
Up on the roof
Air date March 14, 1995
Writer(s) David Valliere (story); Matt Miller & Barrie Nedler (teleplay)
Director John Tracy
Previous Taking the Plunge
Next Leap of Faith

Up On the Roof is episode twenty of season eight on Full House. It originally aired on March 14, 1995.


Full House Clip - Cooking dinner (Funny Scene)

Full House Clip - Cooking dinner (Funny Scene)

D.J. wants to pull an elaborate senior prank on Principal Robolard so she can leave behind a lasting legacy, and she would like to outdo the legendary prank that Jesse pulled on Principal Robolard back when he was in high school.

When Jesse was in high school, he used a fishing pole and chewing gum to grab the toupee off of Robolard's head while Robolard drove his classic red 1957 Chevrolet convertible under a freeway overpass, then Jesse ran the toupee up the school's flagpole, and on the next morning, the students said "I pledge allegiance to the rug", instead of "I pledge allegiance to the flag".

In order to pull a more elaborate prank on Robolard, D.J. gets Kimmy's boyfriend Duane to use a crane to lift Robolard's 1957 Chevy convertible and place it on the roof of the school. The trick is on the verge of backfiring when an incoming thunderstorm becomes a threat to destroy the car's interior. Luckily, Jesse, D.J. and Kimmy are able to get to the car just in time to close the top and cover the upholstery.

A security guard takes them to Robolard's office, where D.J. tells him the reason why she did what she did, that she wanted to show everyone that she had guts, and that she wanted to leave behind a legacy. Robolard then lets D.J. in on a little secret: he actually likes seeing who can pull the best senior prank on him every year. To him, it's a contest of sorts. D.J. is surprised at his confession. When she tells him that she thought he hated senior pranks, Robolard confesses that the students expect him to say that.

Then, after Jesse asks why Robolard was going to send Jesse to jail when he thought Jesse was the culprit, Robolard replies that he has a good reason for that. When Jesse asks what it is, Robolard reveals that he never liked Jesse and confesses it's because Jesse has the hair that Robolard had always wanted ever since he was a "balding Boy Scout" when Jesse asks why.

Meanwhile, Becky offers to teach Michelle how to cook, but the guys doubt Becky's cooking ability (see the video above). Luckily, Becky and Michelle end up doing a halfway decent job when they cook dinner, and even Nicky and Alex like it.

Guest star

David Stenstrom plays the security guard. About a decade earlier, he worked with Dave Coulier in the short-lived Nickelodeon series Out of Control.

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