Wedding or Not Here We Come
Season 3, episode 9
Wedding or Not Here We Come
Air date September 22, 2017
Writer(s) Bryan Behar & Steve Baldikoski
Director Rich Correll
Previous Maybe Baby
Next My Best Friend's Japanese Wedding

Wedding or Not Here We Come is episode nine in season three of Fuller House.


As Steve and CJ's wedding arrives, D.J. is feeling down. Kimmy believes it is because Steve is D.J.'s soulmate. Popko asks Ramona if he can hang out with other girls while she's in Japan. Ramona is upset and breaks up with him.

Stephanie begins her search for sperm donor. She does not want to ask Jimmy because of the pressure the decision would put on him.

Fernando plans to be upgraded to first class on the plane by using a sob story. He tells Max his plan. Max beats Fernando to the upgrade by pretending to be a terminally-ill child.

Jimmy makes a heartfelt plea about why he should be Stephanie's sperm donor, and Stephanie agrees. Matt confides to Stephanie that he plans to propose to D.J. in Japan. Stephanie assure him D.J. will say yes because she loves him.

Kimmy and Steve switch seats. Unaware that Steve is next to her because she is wearing an eyemask, D.J. reveals that she is upset that her soulmate is getting married and she did plan to choose him last summer. Steve is now not sure how to process the new information.


The episode's title is a take on "Ready or not, here we come", used in hide and (go) seek.

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